We all grew up within a mile of each other.
In this city that’s got music in its DNA.

Singing together for
as long as we can remember...
when it was just something to do.

In 2011 we became MiC LOWRY.


Hello London


m.gigsandtours.com/tour/mic-lowry/ https://t.co/HEfyQk65N2


Video shoot settings https://t.co/DoKwhvOPwk


I love all my peeps, you all keep me smiling and thats what matters fam. big respect to you all


All this talk about #SuperSaturday but I'm just waiting for Super Sunday tomorrow

In the last three years, every
waking moment has been poured into
making music and getting it heard.

All our work's been leading up to this point
when we proudly release
our music to world